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Lottery Sambad – Today Result Live 1 PM, 6 PM & 8 PM Nagaland State

5 Crore Winners

Lottery Sambad 5 crore winners

Above 1 crore & below 5 crore winners

1 crore winners

1 crore winners

What Is Lottery Sambad?

In the state of Nagaland, a unique kind of lottery game called Lottery Sambad is legally held. Its main goals are to amuse and produce income for the state’s growth.

People buy lottery tickets with certain numbers written on them. After then, a draw is held at a certain time and day, and very seldom, some numbers are picked. Prizes are given to the holders of tickets with these chosen numbers written on them.

There are many lotto sambad types, including morning, day, and evening ones. Additionally, the prize money is unique. People try their luck in this well-liked game because they find it to be entertaining.

What Is The Timing Of Lottery Sambad

In Nagaland, the drawing is performed three times a day: at 1 PM, 6 PM, and 8 PM.

The ‘Day Lottery Sambad’ is the draw that takes place at 1 pm. The ‘Evening Lottery Sambad’ draw at 6 p.m. and the ‘Night Lottery Sambad’ draw at 8 p.m. follow this pattern.

For each of these three events, there are different tickets offered, and the prize amounts change as well. At certain set times, the winning ticket numbers are released.

Individuals buy the tickets they want and bide their time until the relevant draw. In Nagaland, Lottery Sambad is quite famous, and people love to play it to test their luck.


How Much Money Do The Winners Get In Lottery Sambad?

The Lottery Sambad prize money is based upon a number of factors. Among the important awards are the following:

  1. Jackpot Winner (All Numbers Correct): The biggest gift, priced at around Rs 1 crore. When every number on the ticket is correct, this is gotten.
  2. 2nd Prize: If every number on the ticket shows in the right order, with the exception of the last one, around Rs 9,000 is given.
  3. Third Prize: If any five of the numbers on the ticket show in the right order, you’ll get around Rs 500.
  4. Fourth Prize: If any four of the numbers on the ticket show in the right order, you’ll get around Rs 100.
  5. Consolation Prize: If certain particular numbers written on the ticket match, it may cost anything from around Rs 9 to Rs 100.

The Sambad lottery type and the current draw decide the reward amounts. The bigger the sum, the more numbers you correctly answer.

Why is Lottery Sambad so famous?

In Nagaland, Lottery Sambad has great fame and renown for a number of reasons:

  1. Legal Status: In Nagaland, playing lotto games is entirely allowed. People participate in it freely as a result.
  2. Source of development: The state spends a part of its lottery income on growth projects. People think that by having entertainment, they are also helping society.
  3. Big prizes: People are interested because winners get huge prizes. Everyone is tempted by the chance of winning millions of dollars.
  4. Easy availability: Tickets for the raffle Sambad are generally available. Every city and town has ticket sellers.
  5. Means of entertainment: Trying your luck with the lottery is an enjoyable activity. People find it to be exciting and enjoyable.
  6. Popular culture: The draw is very well-liked by everyday people. It is often handled and seen as a normal part of life.

For these reasons, Lottery Sambad is very famous and a favorite in Nagaland.

How To Check Lottery Sambad Result

There are several ways to find out the Lottery Sambad results. Any of these methods may be employed: (Note: If you want to get the result directly, then you can bookmark our website.). We upload all these results on our website. Here, you can see your result and download it.

  1. Checking on the website: By going to, the official Lottery Sambad website, you may see the results. Here, the three times of the day’s changes to the results are made separately.
  2. SMS Service: You may also get the results by using your cell phone to make a missed call to Lottery Sambad’s toll-free number. There is no cost for this service.
  3. Live telecast: A few Nagaland news outlets and websites stream the Lottery Sambad live draw. By seeing the results, you may also learn about them.
  4. Lottery Sambad App: You may download Lottery Sambad’s official app from the App Store and Google Play Store. Using this tool, you may check the data instantly.
  5. Magazines: The lottery sambad results are published in the next day’s issue of many local newspapers in Nagaland.

In this manner, it is simple to find out the Lottery Sambad results. Use whatever method seems most useful to you.

How To Claim Lottery Sambad Prize Amount

Following these steps will allow you to claim your Lottery Sambad prize money:

  1. Checking the winning ticket: Prior doing anything else, you must check that the numbers on your ticket line up with the numbers that have been named the winners. A ticket check may be made via the official website or mobile program.
  2. Collecting documents: As soon as your win is confirmed, you must get the original winning ticket, identification (a PAN or Aadhaar card), and a passport-sized picture.
  3. Filling the Claim Form: You must get the claim form from any Lottery Sambad official office, fully finish it, and send it with the necessary supporting paperwork.
  4. Claim Verification Process: Officials from Lottery Sambad will check the legitimacy of the winning ticket and confirm your claim.
  5. Payment Process: Within a few days of your claim being accepted, you will get the prize money. Greater awards are given out as checks, while smaller prizes are handed out in cash.
  6. Tax Deduction: Rules set out by the Indian government say that prizes above Rs 10,000 will be subject to certain taxes.

You may safely collect your prize by finishing the necessary paperwork and following the proper processes. You may ask for help from the lottery Sambad staff at any time if you run into problems.


Here are answers to some important questions:

Q: Is lottery legal in India?

A: Yes, lottery is legal in India but only operated by some states. Nagaland is one such state where lottery is operated in a legal manner.

Q: Who manages and organizes the lottery?

A: In the state of Nagaland, Lottery Sambad is organized by the Nagaland State Lottery Department. This department manages the draw, issuing of tickets and distribution of prizes.

Q: Where can I buy Nagaland State Lottery tickets?

A: Licensed ticket sellers of Lottery Sambad are available in most villages and cities of Nagaland. You can buy tickets directly from them.

Q: Can I buy Nagaland State Lottery tickets online?

A: No, currently Nagaland Lottery tickets are not being sold online. You have to buy tickets in person from any authorized ticket seller.

Q: Who is eligible to buy Nagaland Lottery tickets?

A: It is mandatory to complete the age of 18 years to buy Nagaland Lottery tickets. Any adult Indian citizen can buy these tickets.

Q: What is Nagaland Bumper Lottery?

Ans: Nagaland Bumper Lottery is a bumper lottery held on special occasions with huge prize money. It is held on Diwali, New Year etc.

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